Graduate Supervision

I currently supervise a growing number of MA and PhD students with wide-ranging interests in 20th and 21st century Germany. I am particularly interested in theoretically informed cultural history on themes in the history of the body and sexuality, visual culture (especially social media and photography), and everyday life. Outside history, I routinely serve on supervisory committees in sociology and in the Institute for European and Russian Studies.

Graduate students in German history at Carleton have been successful in securing Canadian and international fellowships for research and study visits abroad. These include grants from the Berlin Program for Advanced German and European Studies at the Freie Universität Berlin, the Center for Contemporary History Potsdam (Zentrum für Zeithistorische Forschung Potsdam), the Council of European Studies at Columbia University, the German Historical Institute, the Canadian Centre for Contemporary German and European Studies, SSHRC, OGS (Ontario Graduate Scholarship), the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the Auschwitz Jewish Center in New York, the Trans-Atlantic Summer Institute of European Studies, the Conference Group for Central European History, and the Newton International Fellowship (postdoc).

PhD – Completed

Erin Connell, “Sexual Education and Social Citizenship in Canada” Department of Sociology. Ph.D. committee member, 2008.

Sean Eedy, PhD, “Comic Books and Culture in the German Democratic Republic, 1955-1990: Between Constructions of Power and Childhood.” 2016

Jane Freeland, PhD, “Domestic Violence in East and West Berlin, 1969-89,” 2016 *won university medal for best dissertation across all faculties

Emmanuel Hogg, PhD, “Football Fan Culture in Berlin, 1961-1989”

Christine Whitehouse, PhD, “”You’ll Get Used to It!”: The Internment of Jewish Refugees in Canada, 1940-43.” 2016 *winner of the best dissertation prize for German-Canadian Studies, 2017.

PhD – Ongoing

Meghan Lundrigan, PhD, “Curating Holocaust Memory Online.”

MA – Completed

Karin Abma, MA EURUS, “Women in the GDR: Consumerism and the Political, 1953-70” Institute for European and Russian Studies, 2014.

Christine Chisholm, MA, “Advertising, Family Policy, and Women’s ‘Return to Normalcy’ During the Adenauer Years,“ 2013.

Sean Eedy, MA, “Narrating the Berlin Wall: Nostalgia and the Negotiation of Memory 20 Years Later,” 2011.

Erica Fagen, MA Public History, “Staging the Holocaust: Sachsenhausen, Thanatourism, and Public Memory,” 2012.

Jane Freeland, MA EURUS, “Saying ‘I’: Women, Desire and Their Depiction in East Germany” Institute of European and Russian Studies, 2010.

Ottilie Grisdale, MA EURUS “Artistic Opposition to the Decline of Multiculturalism in the Netherlands,” 2015.

Mandy Koroniak, MA Public History, “Imagery and Identity: Film and National Identity in the German Democratic Republic and Canada in the 1960s,” 2007.

Maggie Lecroix, MA EURUS, “Child Care Policy in Post 1989 Germany” 2005.

Natalie Spagnuolo, MA, “Minority Masculinity in Turn-of-the-Century German Jewish Mysticism,” 2011.

Jan-Mark van der Leest, MA EURUS, “Space and Identity in post-1989 Berlin,” 2008.

Meghan Lundrigan, MA Public History, “Holocaust Denial in the Social Mediascape,” 2013.

Christine Whitehouse, MA, “Stolpersteine: Moral Restitution after the Holocaust” 2011.

Alex Cruddas-Wilkinson, MA, “The Future in Stone: Architecture as Expression of National Socialist Temporality” 2016.