Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D, Modern European History, SUNY-Binghamton, 2001

MA, Modern European History, Simon Fraser University, 1995

BA, History and Russian, McGill University, 1993


Full Professor 2016 to present

Associate Professor with tenure, 2007 to 2016

Assistant Professor, Department of History, Carleton University, 2001 to 2007


Department of Canadian Heritage Digital Citizen Contribution Program Fellowship 2021

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Ottawa Fellowship 2021

Social Science Research Council (US) Social Data Initiative Research Fellowship 2020

Social Science Humanities Research Council Insight Grant, “Populist Publics" 2019

Visiting Professorship, Fondation Maison de Sciences de L'Homme Paris 2018

Social Science Humanities Research Council Insight Development Grant 2017-19

Royal Society of Canada, College of New Scholars 2016 to present

Carleton University, Faculty of Social Science Research Grant 2016-17

Carleton University Research Achievement Award 2015-2016

Social Science Humanities Research Council Insight Grant 2013-18

Social Science Humanities Research Council Insight Development Grant 2011-2013

Carleton University, Faculty of Social Science Research Grant 2008-09

Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies Fellowship (declined) 2006

Social Science Humanities Research Council Standard Grant 2002-06

Carleton University Student Association Award for Excellence in Teaching 2005

Grinspoon Foundation Fellowship. United States Memorial Holocaust Museum 2002 Berlin Program Postdoctoral Fellowship 2001-02

Fritz Stern Prize for Best North American Dissertation in German History, finalist 2001

AHA Bernadotte E. Schmitt Grant 2000

German Historical Institute Dissertation Fellowship 1998

SUNY University Research Foundation Fellowship 1997-99

SUNY Dissertation Fellowship1997-99

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) “Sur Place” Grant 1995


Panelist, Roundtable, "Who Is Allowed to Research Whose History?" ZZF Potsdam Summer Seminar Series

Keynote, Learning from Germans and from Canadians, J.B. McLachlan Lecture, Cape Breton University

Keynote, Imagining Trans*gression, German Studies Lecture Series, Stanford University

Panelist, Roundtable, Memory Politics in Germany and Poland, Beyond Camps and Forced Labour international Conference, Wiener Library, London UK

Panelist and Organizer of Roundtable, Triangular Hate: Transatlantic Far-Right Connections Between Germany-US-Canada, Carleton University

Keynote, Social Media and the Long Shadow of the Holocaust, Holocaust Awareness Week, Oregon State University

Keynote, Queer Paths into Queer Libraries or Performing Kinship in Dangerous Times, G19 Rethinking Knowledge Regimes. Swedish Conference for Gender Studies, Gothenburg Sweden

Keynote, Queering 1968: Erotic Photography and the Visual History of the Sexual Revolution. Deutsches Forum für Kunstgeschichte, Centre Allemand d’histoire de l’art Paris.

Keynote, The Nazi Policy Against Homosexuals: Policing Behavior in the People’s Community (Volksgemeinschaft). Center for Austrian Study University of Minnesota.

Keynote, Pink Triangle Persecution: In History and Memory. Metropolitan State University, February 19, 2018.

Keynote, The State of Play in Germany. Yale Research Initiative on the History of Sexualities Symposium on “Pink Perils: Anti-Gay Politics in 20th Century Europe” Yale University

Panelist, Roundtable. The Digital Holocaust. Lessons and Legacies. The Holocaust in the 21st Century: Relevance and Challenges in the Digital Age at Claremont McKenna College.

Keynote, Love/Sex/War. Another History of 20th Century Europe, Sciences Po Centre d’Histoire, Paris.

Keynote, Birkbeck Institute of Gender and Sexuality (BIGS), University of London.

Keynote, Talking Eyes Lecture Series, Humboldt University Berlin and C/O Berlin Gallery

Keynote, The Queer 50s, University of London, Birkbeck

Connaught Distinguished Lecture, Munk Centre for Global Studies, University of Toronto

Keynote, Institut für Soziologie, Ludwigs-Maximilians Universität München

Panelist, Roundtable, Transatlantic Perspectives on Gay Marriage, Goethe Institut Boston

Photomontage Between the Wars, 1918-1930, Carleton University Art Gallery

Leslie Hossack’s “Fallout” Vernissage, Festival X, Ottawa

Keynote, The Optics of Desire. University of Iowa European Studies Speaker Series

Invited Lecturer, The Optics of Desire. Center for Research in Women and Gender Studies, University of Michigan

Invited Lecturer, The Optics of Desire. Wayne State University

Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies, University of Toronto

Panelist, Roundtable. PrideFest America, Philadelphia PA

Guest Lectures on the Persecution of Homosexuals, sponsored by the USHMM: University of Western Ontario; Appalachia State University; University of Arizona; Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art.


Interview, Contesting Memory Culture,  Review of Democracy, Central European University, July 23, 2021

Project, "The Catechism Debate,” New Fascism Syllabus (May 25- June 21, 2021) 

Project, The German Studies Collaboratory. An Interdisciplinary Experiment to Transform German Studies 

Article, “Die queere Bewegung in Deutschland – eine vielstimmige Bewegung” Der Tagesspiegel April 15, 2021 

Article, "Trump Lost but Racism is Alive and Well in the U.S" The Conversation, November 10, 2020

Article, "Folk Devils and Fear" The Conversation, October 25, 2020

Article, “Eine queer Institution, die Transfeindlichkeit unterstürtzt, ist nichts wert” Der Tagesspiegel March 2, 2020

Article, “Can Remembering Past Atrocities Prevent Future Ones?” Washington Post, December 27, 2019

Article, “Die neue Kampf gegen die Gender Studies” Geschichte der Gegenwart March 6, 2019

Article, “The New War on Gender Studies” The Conversation, January 6, 2019  reprinted in The National Post, January 7, 2019

Article, "Why Social Media Sites Shouldn't Censor Erotic Images" Washington Post December 14, 2018

CBC Ottawa Morning, "New Fascism Syllabus" February 15, 2017.

Article, "Make No Mistake. White Supremacists Live Among Us" Ottawa CitizenAugust 18, 2017

Op/Ed, “Don’t Rush to Shut Down Hate on the Web,” The Citizen, March 24, 2012.

Article, “It Shouldn’t Be a Dirty Little Secret. A Feminist Makes the Case for Porn,” The Good Men Project, July 21, 2011. Reposted to Role/Reboot. Making Sense of Men and Women.

Interview, “Reel Sex Film Fest Launches at Carleton,” Xtra, March 3, 2011.

Interview, “Universities Woo Students with Queer Studies,” Xtra, January 7, 2011.

Op/Ed, “Why Canada Should Protect Gender Identity,” Globe and Mail, December 1, 2010.

Interview for documentary on Tony Fouhse’s User, Ben Walker Productions.

Interview, “Got That Sexual Feeling” The Charlatan, December 5, 2009.

Interview, “What’s Love Got to Do With It?” The Charlatan, November 11, 2009.

Interview, “German Civil Service Chock Full of Spies” Macleans, July 23, 2009.


Workshops and Conferences Organized:

Lessons and Legacies, the Holocaust Education Foundation, November 8-10 2020.

The Ethics of Seeing: 20th Century German Documentary Photography Reconsidered, German Historical Institute, London UK, May 23-35, 2013 (together with Paul Betts, Oxford and Stefan-Ludwig Hoffmann, Berkeley).

Primary Coordinator and Participant, “Gender and the Holocaust” Summer Workshop, United States Memorial Holocaust Museum, June 14-25, 2004.

Manuscript Reviews for Scholarly Presses:

Palgrave Macmillan

Hayworth Press

Berghahn Press

University of Michigan Press

Oxford University Press, Canada

Berghahn Books

Manuscript Reviews for Scholarly Journals:

Journal of Modern History; Journal of Family History

Journal of the History of Childhood and Youth

Gender and History

Journal of Women’s History

Human Organization

Grant and Prize Committees:

SSHRC Standard Grant Application, January 2011

Canadian Committee on Lesbian and Gay History, article prize committee 2010

Committee on Lesbian and Gay History, book prize committee 2008

SSHRC Standard Grant Application, Spring 2006

Academic Committees and Advisory Boards:

Series Editor, History of Modern Germany book series, Bloomsbury, 2019 -

Advisory Committee, Berlin Program for Advanced German and European Studies, Free University of Berlin, 2021 -

Editorial Board, German History, German Politics and Society, 2022 - 

Advisory Board, Transnational Queer Histories book series, de Gruyter, 2022 -

Advisory Board, Schwules Museum* Berlin, 2021 -

Co-Chair, GSA Interdisciplinary Committee, 2014-2017 Graduate Director, Department of History, 2011-2014

Steering Committee, Task Force for International Co-operation on Holocaust Education, Remembrance, and Research (ITF), 2012-13 Update Equity Committee CUASA to be 2010-2013 Representative for History Dept to be 2010-2013

Steering Committee, Berkshire Conference of Women’s Historians, 2011-2014

H-Net Hist-Sex Listserv on the History of Sexuality, 2004- present.

Steering Committee, Carleton University Faculty Association (CUASA), 2010- present.

Chair, Equity Committee, CUASA, 2010- present.

Representative for the History Department, Carleton University Faculty Association (CUASA), 2002-2005; 2010-present.

Representative for the History Department, Carleton University Centre for European Studies Management Committee, 2001- present.

Undergraduate Committee, Library Committee, Graduate Committee, Sexuality Studies Committee.