Works In Progress

Photography and the Sexual Revolution, (research and writing ongoing).

Populist Publics: Digital Memory and Online Hate, SSHRC/SSRC and Heritage supported monograph (research ongoing).

The Routledge Global History of the Third Reich, with Eric Kurlander (in preparation).

Books and Edited Volumes

Holocaust Memory in the Digital Mediascape, with Meghan Lundrigan and Erica Fagen (Bloomsbury, forthcoming in December 2023).

The Queer Art of History: Queer Kinship After Fascism (Duke UP, 2023).

Gender in Germany and Beyond. Essays in Honor of Jean Quataert, co-edited with Shelley E. Rose (Berghahn Press, 2023).

Series editor, The Bloomsbury History of Modern Germany with Matt Fitzpatrick and Daniel Siemens.

Global Encyclopedia of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) History, with Howard Chiang, Anjali Arondekar, Marc Epprecht, Jennifer Evans, Ross G. Forman, Hanadi Al-Samman, Emily Skidmore, Zeb Tortorici (Michigan: Gale, Cengage Learning, 2019)

The Ethics of Seeing: Photography and Twentieth-Century German History, with Paul Betts and Stefan-Ludwig Hoffmann (New York: Berghahn Books, 2018).

Queer Cities, Queer Cultures: Europe Since 1945, with Matt Cook (London, UK: Continuum, 2014).

Was ist Homosexualität? Forschungsgeschichte, gesellschaftliche Entwicklungen und Perspektiven, with Florian Mildenberger, Rüdiger Lautmann, Jakob Pastötter (Männerschwarm Verlag GmbH, 2014).

Life Among the Ruins. Cityscape and Sexuality in Cold War Berlin (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2011).

Articles and Review Essays

"Settler Colonialism, Illiberal Memory, and German-Canadian Hate Networks in the Twentieth and Twenty-first Centuries" with Swen Steinberg, David Y. Clement, and Danielle Carron Central European History, (forthcoming in Summer 2023)

"The New Fascism Syllabus: Networked Knowledge in the Digital Public Sphere" Seminar: a Journal of Germanic Studies, vol.  57 Issue 3 (August 2021): 264-287

"Cross-dressing, Male Intimacy, and the Violence of Transgression in Third Reich Photography" with Elissa Mailander German History, vol 22. Issue 1 (June 2020): 25-43

"Sound, Listening, and the Queer Art of History" Rethinking History, vol 22. Issue 1 (January 2018): 25-43.

“Why Queer German History?” special issue of German History, 34/3 (August 2016): 1-14.

Guest editor, “Queering German History,” special issue of German History, 34/3 (August 2016).

“Seeing Subjectivity: Erotic Photography and the Optics of Desire.” American Historical Review vol. 118 no. 2 (2013): 430-462.

“Forum: Cultural History and the Holocaust.” German History, with Monica Black. vol. 31, no. 1 (March 2013), 61-85.

“Historicizing the Visual.” German Studies Review vol. 35 no. 3 (Fall 2012): 485-489.

“Rethinking Sexual Modernity in 20th Century Germany.” Social History vol. 37 no. 3 (August 2012): 314-327, with Jane Freeland.

“The Violence of Survival and the Cost of War.” German History vol. 29 no. 2 (Spring 2011): 305-310.

“Decriminalization, Seduction, and ‘Unnatural Desire’ in the German Democratic Republic.” Feminist Studies vol. 36 no. 3 (October 2010): 553-77.

“The Moral State: Men, Mining, and Masculinity in the Early GDR.” German History, vol. 23 no. 3 (August 2005): 355-370.

“Bahnhof Boys: Policing Male Prostitution in Post-Nazi Berlin,” Journal of the History of Sexuality, vol. 12 no. 4 (October 2003): 605-636.

Book Chapters

“Fake History: Digital Memory and the Specter of National Socialism in the Capital Riot” with Brandon Regato in The Remaking of Memory in the Age of Social Media and the Internet edited by Qi Wang and Andrew Hoskins (New York and London: Oxford University Press, forthcoming in 2023).

"Queer Kinship in Dangerous Times" in Dies- und jenseits des Großen Teichs. Festschrift für James Steakley zum 75. Geburtstag (On This Side and the Other of the Big Pond: Commemorative Volume for James Steakley on his 75th Birthday), Florian Mildenberger and Wolfram Setz, eds. (Bibliothek rosa Winkel, 2021).

"Space, Sexuality, and Social Rebuilding in Post-WWII Berlin" in Cold War Cities The Politics of Space in Europe and Asia during the 1950s edited by in Tze-Ki Hon (New York and London: Routledge University Press, 2021), pp. 9-18.

"Entangled Gender Relations and Sexuality in the Historiography on the Two Post-1945 Germanys" in Karen Hagemann, Friederieke Bruehoefener, and Donna Harsch, Gendering Post-1945 German History: Entanglements (New York: Berghahn Press, 2019). 

“Introduction: Seeing Ethically” in The Ethics of Seeing: Photography and Twentieth-Century German History, with Paul Betts and Stefan-Ludwig Hoffmann (New York: Berghahn Press, 2018), pp. 1-22.

“Seeing Subjectivity: Erotic Photography and the Optics of Desire” in The Ethics of Seeing: Photography and Twentieth-Century German History, edited by Jennifer V. Evans, Paul Betts, and Stefan-Ludwig Hoffmann, (New York: Berghahn Press, 2018), pp. 182-204.

“Homosexuality and the Politics of Masculinity in the GDR” in The Long Postwar edited by Karen Hagemann and Sonya Michel, (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press, in 2014), pp. 343-362.

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“Queer Temporalities: Herbert Tobias und das Bild des schamlosen Selbst in der Zeit vor Stonewall” in Privat/Öffentlich. Visuelle Selbstentwürfe. Mediale Szenarien von Homosexualität edited by Susanne Regener and Katrin Köppert. (Vienna/Berlin: Turia+Kant Verlag, 2012), pp. 111-130.

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“Constructing Borders: Image and Identity in Die Frau von Heute, 1946-1948,” in Hilary Sy-Quia and Susanne Baackmann (eds.), Conquering Women: Women and War in the German Cultural Imagination. (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2000), pp. 30-61.

Book Reviews

Emily Pugh, Architecture, Politics, and Identity in Divided Berlin (Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 2014). For German History, Fall 2014.

Moritz Föllmer, Individuality and Modernity in Berlin. Self and Society from Weimar to the Wall. (Cambridge. MA: University Press, 2013). For European History Quarterly, Fall 2014.

Review of the special issue of the Journal of the History of Sexuality entitled "Sexuality and Fascism," edited by Dagmar Herzog, in Sexuality and Culture, vol 8, no. 2 (Spring 2004): 111-120.

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